we buy and sell all current electronics

Have you ever visited a store that pawns electronic items? You might be pleasantly surprised, both at the range of items available and the pricing. From computers to televisions, cameras and sound systems, you can find almost anything and everything you are looking for here. The pricing is also reasonable and likely to be within your reach.

What types of electronics can you purchase from Ed and Moe’s?

Brokers buy and sell a wide variety of items, and established ones have good quality standards. Here are some examples of items you are likely to find.

• Laptops and desktop computers
• DVD and Blu-ray Players
• Gaming consoles like Xbox One, PS4 and Wii U
• Flat-screen televisions
• Tablets and mobile devices
• Cameras and video recorders
• Stereos and other sound systems
• And more!

The benefits of shopping for electronics at our store:

• Cheaper price: We usually offer great bargains on all their items including computers and jewelry.
• You can get a loan to buy what you need: If you see a great buy but are short on money, you can get a short term loan to cover your needs. Ask if you can put up an item of value that you are not using, or trade it in instead.
• You can even sell your electronics here: There is no point in keeping items you are not using, especially when they can fetch you instant cash. You can use that money to purchase something you really want or to help you tide over a financial crisis.